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  • The Roo Shooter

    The Roo Shooter

    Take a closer look at the Roo Shooter...but don't get too close. Tags: 2012, Valla Ash Aug 24, 2012 5/5 stars 100 views

  • "What Yellow Bug?"

    "What Yellow Bug?"

    Jeff Spencer recounts some stories from the early days at his legendary VW repair shop "Spencer's H… Tags: Bug, Beetle Ash Aug 22, 2012 5/5 stars 32 views

  • Valla 2012 Volkswagen Spectacular

    Valla 2012 Volkswagen Spectacular

    This video mainly includes the massive VW cruise into town and taking over the main street of Nambu… Tags: 181, window Ash Aug 20, 2012 5/5 stars 120 views

  • P1110436


    Mainspeed 2L Typ1 116 PS bei 5200 U/min und 170Nm Drehmoment bei 4200 U/min. Harald Aug 19, 2012 25 views

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