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At 8:06 on December 8, 2010, Burly Burlile said…


Todd Penns 1960 T2 Pick-Up went 56 + miles per hour.

At 7:52 on December 8, 2010, Burly Burlile said…
2nd try-This time hopefully I will get the photos placed to go with the comments below. 1st of three submissions.

At 7:23 on December 7, 2010, Burly Burlile said…
Friends of the Challenge

Finally, here are a few of the top speed results for the 2010 World of Speed held at the Bonneville Salt Flats in September. More information will be presented in Hot VW's in a future issue(next year!).

36hp Challengers:

SS T2 Todd Penn 60 Pick-Up Canada 56.233 Base Record
Driven to and from Canada with a 1600cc engine, then engine swap to 36hp

SSS Bug Justin McAllister 74 Bug Utah 99.370 New Record

Yes, it has a single 'modified' 28PIC carburetor !

DSS Bug Dave McCoombs 57 Bug Sunroof California 88.898
Used Tom Bruchs big Bruchrasa Single Port dual Carb motor

DSS Ghia Britt Grannis 67 Ghia Coupe California 91.587
Used Richard Troys 1500cc Okrasa engine

DSS Ghia Richard Troy 59 Ghia Coupe California 105.777 New Record

Denzel engine. Fastest 36hp speed for 2010 ! ! !

UNLTD 36 Dick Beith 68 Bug California No Speed. Display only. Will make innaugaral run in 2011

At 19:49 on September 25, 2010, Bill Moore said…
Great stuff Burly. Looks like a great time was had by all even though there were broken bits on some vehicles.Looking forward to your summary when you get the opportunity.
At 15:16 on September 25, 2010, Burly Burlile said…
Dick and Blaine Beith and Jim Jacobsen trailered the Silver Bullet(their moniker) all the way to Bonneville from mid Cal so everyone could see this future 36hp Challenge racer even though it was only 95% complete. Engine electrical could just not be finished in time to fire and pre the engine and race but their effort allowed all of the salt flat racers, both VW and non VW to enjoy what the future will hold. Dick will have the Bullet finished for the 2011 USFRA World of Speed.

I would like to personally thank Dick Beith and his crew along all the other 27 VW drivers (in 22 VW racers, both water and air cooled, both 36hp and big block VW engined) for coming out and living the dream of racing on the Bonneville salt flats. For me, it was a memorable, and in John Moxons words, a truly historic VW event.

I am currently collating all of the World of Speed Volkswagen top speeds recorded for the 28 VW racers and hope to post them next week for everyones info.

At 19:07 on June 9, 2010, Bill Moore said…
Would be great if you were able to meet up with Dick and chew the fat re the 36HP Challenge
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