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4.2* litre per 100 km fuel economy and a front end in the style of the Phaeton.

7th generation Passat has new styling and extremely fuel-efficient engines
Assistance systems and quality match those of a higher vehicle class
The Passat from Volkswagen represents one of the very great success stories in auto motive history, with over 15 million cars sold since the Passat was first launched in 1973. It is now available in over 100 countries across the globe. Now, at the Mondial de l’Auto mobile in Paris (October 2-17), Volkswagen is presenting the world premiere of an entirely new Passat – as a sedan and a wagon car simultaneously. The seventh generation of this bestseller will be available in initial European markets starting as soon as mid - November.

The fifth and sixth Passat generations had already left conventional class boundaries behind and bridged a path to the next higher segment with their high-end features. The seventh generation Passat emphatically continues this trend. A completely new styling configuration was created. It simultaneously guides the Passat’s independent design into the future. Without leaving the mid-class in terms of pricing, the Passat approaches the top segments even more powerfully with its upgraded comfort, convenience, quality and safety properties as well as in its assistance systems.

Up to 18 percent improved fuel economy: As is usual for a Volkswagen, the new Passat also sets standards in sustainability. All engines are more fuel efficient – up to18 percent more. The “smallest” and yet torque-strong turbodiesel now consumes just 4.2 * l/100 km; that is equivalent to 109* g/km CO2. Meanwhile, downsizing and technologies such as the Stop/Start system contribute to extraordinary fuel efficiency in the petrol-powered versions.

New safety features: Volkswagen is making genuine progress in the area of safety. The previous model already attained an impressive five stars in Euro -NCAP crash testing. The new model takes safety to a new level with features such as an automatic City emergency braking function and, on some models, a standard fatigue detection function. The fatigue detection system, which Volkswagen is introducing for the first time in this class, is continually active; it detects reduced driver concentration and warns the driver with an acoustic signal; a visual message also appears in the instrument cluster recommending that the driver should take a break from driving. As a component of the optional automatic adaptive cruise control system, in worst case scenarios the emergency braking function reacts independently at speeds below 30 km/h which can help prevent frontal collisions.

Another new feature on the Passat: the continually active masked main beam headlights known as Dynamic Light Assist – an option offered in conjunction with bi- xenon headlights − enables continual use of the main beam headlights while driving. Via a camera, the system detects oncoming traffic and cars driving ahead and automatically masks only those lighting areas relevant to glare. The results improved illumination of the carriageway in nearly all situations. The Passat is the first car in its class to have this system. For vehicles with conventional halogen headlights, a simpler version of automatic main beam control is available: Light Assist. A camera is also used here, e. g. to detect oncoming traffic. But the system switches over completely between main beam and dipped beam. As soon as there is no more oncoming traffic, the main beam is reactivated.

The XDS electronic transverse differential lock − first introduced on the Golf GT I − improves traction in bend s. Along with Lane Assist (lane keeping assistant), which was also available in the previous model, there will now also be a Side Assist function, which uses flashing LEDs in the door mirrors to call the driver’s attention to vehicles located laterally to the rear or next to the Passat or a vehicle approaching quickly from the rear. A new, direct measuring tyre pressure monitoring system also signals potential loss of tyre pressure − individually for each wheel. The pressures of all tyres may also be displayed in the instrument cluster.

Innovative convenience systems: Other new assistance systems are essentially convenience oriented, and they significantly simplify everyday driving. They include Easy Open: If the new Passat sedan is equipped with Keyless Access (automatic locking and engine starting system), a specific foot motion behind the vehicle is sufficient to cause the boo t lid to open. Anyone who has stood next to a car with both hands full knows know helpful a function like Easy Open can be. Naturally, the boot lid only opens for someone who is carrying the proper RF identification fob for the Passat. The human-machine interface here is a sensor located in the bumper area.

Also new in the Passat: The rear seat system that can be unlatched from the bootspace and side windows in noise-dampening compound safety glass. Park Assist II will no w also be offered on the Passat; this system not only can steer into par king spaces parallel to the carriage way; it can also find its way into parking spaces perpendicular to it. Last but not least, the Passat’s RNS 510 navigation system detects speed limit signs by camera and sends them to the touch screen in the centre console.

TDI, TSI, DSG and Twincharger are registered trademarks of Volkswagen AG or other companies of the Volkswagen Group in Germany and other countries.

Features and technical data apply to models offered in Germany. They may differ in other countries.

* Refers to forecast values effective September 2010.

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Comment by Bill Moore on October 2, 2010 at 22:50
Two for me please, both Reflex Silver and TDI with DSG. One second thought,make one a CC.
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