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Driving a Oettinger WBX6 6 cylinder boxer (in a T3 dual cab)

I was lucky enough over the weekend to be able to drive a T3 dual cab fitted with one of the very rare original Oettinger WBX6 motors. Apparently only about 150 were ever made.

The WBX6 is the biggest waterboxer ever put in a Volkswagen. The engine was build on the basic of the WBX-4 engine, engine code "DJ", that Oettinger extented from 4 to 6 cylinder. That means, most (not all) of the spare parts are the same as the WBX-4. The large parts (engine block, cylinderheads, distributor) are OE parts.

This one was mated to an auto and fitted in a T3 dual cab. Power delivery was effortless, with the torque making the auto gearbox actually fun to drive. Very nice engine note as well.

The dual cab was also fitted with four wheel disc breaks, air con, Oettinger extended lower grill with driving lights, full instrumentation etc. In other words, fully decked out for a T3.

Taking the photos (on my phone) was a spur of the moment thing, so please excuse the fact the T3 was quite dirty.

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Comment by Bill Moore on June 2, 2013 at 19:18

This does go like a bullet. I recall driving it whilst towing a car and trailer and it was effortless, to say the least.


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