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Any Cures for "the24hrBUG"? In a couple days, I leave the security of my quiet garage and head with
my wife to the wilds of Utah and the Bonneville Salt Flat where we will
contest our 1957 Volkswagen Oval 3-Fold Ragtop in the Great 36hp
Challenge in the World of Speed.  With Tom Bruch's motor behind me- the
speed limit will be at the end of the throttle cable.  We call it
"the24hrBUG" because it was built in about a month!
QUESTION: This is my FIRST race of any kind (I'm 53 years old).  I have a combination of
boyhood-type emotions; from the sleepless excitement of a Christmas Eve
to the first time I rode a roller coaster- I'm scared sh*tless.  Any
last minute suggestions?

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Awesome stuff Dave! That 57 Bug of yours looks fantastic. Don't know if I can give you any advice, but a certain amount of comfort has to come from the fact that you can't hit anything. Cheers!
Relax Dave, The course is very wide, flat, and straight. Just enjoy the ride, people, and the race.


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