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Take a look at this. Its a Porsche modified T3, called the B32.

"From the myths about the B32, I've heard that the first was a support vehicle circa 1984 when Porsche was racing the 959 in the Paris to Dakar race. When it came back to Zuffenhausen, Dr. Porsche borrowed it to haul the kids to school. It was at that point that they decided to produce a more refined version that Mrs. Porsche could drive. Official numbers are rumored to be 11 produced."

Interesting thread on the Final Gear forum here: Final Gear

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Well, not a B32, but this old girl has a Porsche 2.7. Seen better days...

Porsche B32 quite legendary and very interesting and rare vehicle - not known to many Porsche aficionados either.

One came up for sale in Switzerland recently. It is said 2 were sold to a key Florida dealer.

Here is another nice link to the B32


note the different tacho!
I saw this red bus the other day and was curious about the vents in the rear. Now explained.
Notice the rear breathing vents on the black one. Ive notice that small panel on a T3 ute.

Steering wheel I think is from a 928. It fits but the mech that turns off the blinkers is in the opposite side meaning the wheel doesnt always turn the blinkers off unless the wheel does a full 360
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