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I'm thinking about dragging a kombi from WA to have a crack at this. 

It would seem a shame to pass up the opportunity given it's so close to WA.

I have read somewhere that the fun police in Australia insist on a roll cage, is this true, and is there any other requirements specific to Australian racing?

Thanks in advance


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The DLRA website has a lot of details here

Technical Inspection

There are a few people here that have been involved previously so they may be able to help.


Hi Craig,

Good on you, it's definitely worthwhile. Lots of rules. Off the top of my head you need to have:

- Full welded roll cage
- full safety harness - maybe single piece racing seat??
- Race standard fire extinguishing system
- external fuel cutout switch
- steel wheels with steel valve stems etc etc

As Greg mentioned, there is a very complex technical document available from the DLRA that needs going over.

Good luck!

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