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Rat bus or ute for Treehouse Surfboards Video / photo shoot

Hi everyone,

I'm a young guy from Bulli trying to turn my passion for building timber and fibreglass surfboards into a business. A few photos are up at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Treehouse-Surfboards/98501898436

I'm looking for someone near Sydney / Wollongong / south coast NSW who owns a cool pre-1976 rat finished bus or ute to participate in a shoot for a day.

To be honest I have no money to fund this project but petrol, lunch and case of beer would be included and a good price on a really unique surfboard could be negotiated.

I have a talented film-maker / photograper on board so the day will also result in some great clips and shots of your pride and joy.

If anyone is interested I can be contacted on 0415925739 or davidgregoryporter@hotmail.com

Thanks for your time,


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The boards look super cool Dave, well done. Best of luck finding a bus for your shoot.

Thanks Ash.

Couple of guys have got in touch already.  Love the Volksy crowd, great people.

I noticed someone on DSK mentioned Klaus' splitty. I took a shot of it here in 2009 near Taree. It would look the goods...

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